Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I went to the movie theater yesterday

I went to the movie theater with me. Oooooops.
That means lonely(;一_一)But, Movie is watching for yourself!!!<`ヘ´>
Well, I watched movie yesterday.
The movie is Transformer! This content satisfy me for ¥1500
And, now, please listen to me my famous saying!

「Movie is mental treatment」

Anyway, I have relaxed yesterday for a long time.
Today's picture!title 「silhouette」


Hiromi said...

Hello, Hoi Hoi!
I'm also the one who goes to theaters to watch movies alone! Some of my friends agree with me, but others don't. So whether or not it's lonely depends on people, don't you think? Sometimes, I suddenly feel like watching movie and I end up going to theaters by myself! Hahaha... But, tama niwa sore mo ii~. ^^

Moreover, I enjoyed watching "Transformers"! I want to have a guardian like Bumblebee! ^^ I even imagined the cars in the real world get transformed suddently! Hehehe. ^^

Anyway, please enjoy the rest of the vacation!

Laura said...

Hi Hoihoi!!
How lucky...I still haven't seen "Transformers" yet! I think they might have stopped showing it in the theaters in America already, so I will probably have to wait until it comes out on DVD...T_T

But I think 1500 yen is too much for a movie ticket! In America, it's usually about $6~8.

Ji Won said...

Hoi Hoi!

I really loved that movie. I think it's the best film of the year! When I went to see it, everyone in the theater clapped at the end. It was the best movie!!!!!!

Yeah... 1500 yen is kind of expensive for a movie ticket. However, it wasn't just any movie, but it was the Transformers, so it's definitely worth it!

Dennis said...

Hello, Hoi Hoi.

I love the silhouette photo and the group photo with the Washington Monument behind it. I look forward to seeing more photos here on your blog. I also look forward to reading more of your thoughts and observations.

I hope you have very happy memories of your trip to the U.S.

Best wishes--

Dennis in Phoenix