Friday, August 10, 2007

I want to let you know how I’ve been getting alone

Lately, I accustomed to American life style at last. For example, meal, heat, metro, extent of Maryland University, and so on.
Now, I think I would rather stay in USA than get back to Japan. But, I desire to eat real Japanese food. After all I probably like Japan.Hahaha~
Do you like your country?


Hiromi said...

Hello again, Hoi Hoi!
I'm glad to hear that you've got used to the American life style because it makes you feeling comfortable being there, right? You even want to stay instead of going back to Japan? Wow! Why do you think so? It's because you've started getting used to the life style there, or you've like the atmosphere?

Laura said...

After living in Japan for about a year, I was able to find the things I like and dislike about both Japan and the U.S.!! Now I think that I wouldn't mind living in either country. I hope that you like America enough to feel the same way!

Nina Liakos said...

You have adapted quite fast to life in the US! But I think it is different when you live here for a long time. When we feel at home in 2 countries, there is always something we miss from one when we are in the other. That's natural! Even I don't like everything about the United States and I have lived here most of my life.

Dennis said...

Hello, Hoi Hoi.

I'm glad you're feeling comfortable in the U.S. That's remarkable for such a short-term stay! It also demonstrates how flexible and adaptable people can be, particularly when people are young and not "set in their ways."

I can understand how much you miss real Japanese food! I'm fairly adventurous at eating food from other cultures, but I know exactly what you mean. I've had "American" food in a number of places, and I was disappointed in it every single time. Sometimes it had no similarity to American food available here! One example was a visit to Germany many years ago. I was really hungry for a hamburger and I bought one in a small restaurant. It looked like an American hamburger, but it was made with sausage, not ground beef! Another example was in a very nice restaurant in Beijing, China in 2001. I had an "American" there, and again, my meal looked authentic, but the taste was odd--not as different as in Germany, but still not quite right.

Do I like my country? -- Yes, but I also like other countries and cultures.

Best wishes for the rest of your stay in Maryland!

Dennis in Phoenix