Monday, August 13, 2007

I realize...

By the way, how are you? Of course, I’m fine! Everyday Hoooooot! (-_-;)
I overcome something bad happening. My camera got broken yesterday. I’m pretty shocked.
Because, I take many picture in a day. But, I mustn’t let it get down, so I’ll do my best until last day of AGU2007 program. I will decide my motto that is “Let the morn come and the meat with it.” and “Memory is more important than thing.


Nina Liakos said...

It's too bad about your camera, but I hope you can enjoy the pictures posted on the main blog. Also perhaps there is a way to salvage some of the photos you took in the broken camera? I agree that memories are more important than things.

Hiromi said...

Hello, Hoi Hoi!
I'm sorry to hear that your camera got broken... But now you're able to concentrate on keeping everything you did there on your mind. ^^

As Nina said, I guess there's a way to save the picture you took before the camera got broken. ^^

Dennis said...

Hello, Hoi Hoi.

I'm really sorry to hear about your camera! :-( It's a big disappointment not to be able to continue to document your overseas trip to Maryland! I hope you'll be able to get your camera repaired.

I like your attitude about the camera: "Let the morn come and the meat with it." I also agree that "Memory is more important than things." Records like photos are a great way to reinforce memories, however!

Very best wishes for your remaining time in the U.S.A.!

Dennis in Phoenix