Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I invade into Washington Post !

I am Nixon the Second .Washington Post is very exact security, but I can invade into. Invasion is easy .No sweat!
Inside the building, there are huge machines. Those machines made in Japan! This is surprise isn't it?
Washington Post is one of the most popular newspapers. So Today’s experiment
Lead to in my future.
If I become to public figure, I want to written my article by Washington Post!
I’m absolutory sure that I become somebody. Don’t laughing please.Hahaha!


Berta said...

Well, Yoshinori, I hope to read wonderful things about you in the Washington Post and other world papers some day.
What would you like journalists to say about you in the future?


Nina Liakos said...

What kind of public figure do you plan to become? I too look forward to reading about you someday in the Post.

Hiromi said...

Hello, Yoshinori!
It seems that you've enjoyed visiting the printing plant of the Washington Post. ^^ Please let me know when you appear on the Washington Post!

Dennis said...

Hello, Hoihoi.

I chuckled at the title and introduction to your latest blog post, but I didn't laugh when I read about your plan to "become somebody." I also found myself thinking about Berta-sensei's question: "What would you like journalists to say about you in the future?" How would you answer that question?

I also enjoyed your post about Sophia's kiss. I think it's very interesting that kissing is an accepted way of greeting people in some cultures but not acceptable in others. When I was younger, I spent a lot of time with Russian-Americans. They always greeted each other with three kisses, and that seemed strange to me at first, but later I felt completely comfortable doing that. However, I didn't realize that nobody gave the three kisses outside of the neighborhood where the Russian-Americans lived. I started to do that at a public concert, and the Russian-American that I was about to greet with the three kisses was horrified!

I agree that culture shock can sometimes roll away good things!

I look forward to the next post in your blog!

Best wishes—

Dennis in Phoenix

P.S. I enjoyed seeing your photo at the end of your blog!